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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
NCAA currently requires D1 schools to have 7 sports for men and women each, or 6 for men and 8 for women, with at least two sports that have both men's and women's teams. (Too lazy to look up the cite right now).

And the BCS will be gone after 2013.
Interesting theory on the BCS...seeing as it starts the 4 team playoff in 2014 and has a 12 year TV deal.

My theory is that if a school wants to be BCS eligible in football, they need to sponsor and fund 19 sports (football plus 9 men, 9 women)

If a non football school wants to be NCAA eligible in men's basketball, they need to sponsor and fund 18 sports (9 men 9 women)

Caveat being that I you offer the female sport, you must sponsor the male equivalent before adding another female sport.

A sports scholarship funding needs to be the amount of starters required plus 10%.

I know, lots of loopholes. The theory is to let football be the cash cow without reverse discriminating against males.
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