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Originally Posted by MAXXply View Post
My old tennis mags from the 1970s show plenty of full page ads for adidas and Puma, but no Nike. I never knew they 'marketed' a 'dedicated' tennis shoe as early as then. I always assumed they slung Gerulaitis and McEnroe the light blue Swoosh'ed Bruin Lows as an afterthought. Would be interested to see any ads or promotional efforts for this shoe but I doubt any exists.
I don't ever remember seeing an ad in any USA nor French tennis mags ever for Nike. You also have to remember Nike at the time was a small player and I'm sure didn't have much of an ad budget.......I worked part time at a tennis shop thru HS (mid to late 70s) in Queens, NY and Nike Wimbledon's were very popular and also sold in the big sporting shops like Herman's...etc. Still Puma and adidas were much much bigger.....

Just check out some old tennis clips from 1974 on and you will see tons of tour players toting the Wimbledons.......never saw anyone wear the Bruin shoe as it was BBall and came out after the Wimbledon anyway. That baby blue swoosh was a dead giveaway back then for the Wimbledon model.
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