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Originally Posted by MAXXply View Post
My old tennis mags from the 1970s show plenty of full page ads for adidas and Puma, but no Nike. I never knew they 'marketed' a 'dedicated' tennis shoe as early as then. I always assumed they slung Gerulaitis and McEnroe the light blue Swoosh'ed Bruin Lows as an afterthought. Would be interested to see any ads or promotional efforts for this shoe but I doubt any exists.
Just FYI the ORGINAL Wimbledon shoe was slated to be issued in 1972 but due to production issues had delay's......the first series of shoes were produced in Taiwan and Japan and had the swoosh in Lt Blue, Black or none at all just perforated. most of the USA stock from the 70s was made in Japan.

The Japanese models have a huge life now on the vintage market and folks pay top $$$ for early 70s 1st and 2nd generation Wimbledons. Crazy stuff.
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