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Originally Posted by spot View Post

...We play rec tennis and 90% of people don't get individual coaching where working on a footfaulting problem is easy.

...None of us look at our own feet while serving to see what is really going on.

...Every single time I have seen it called in a match it has always been a total d-bag move after a match already got a bit contentious.

...There are just far more important things to worry about and if someone wants to win that way then I wouldn't be on a team with them.
Fair enough--and the corollary is: Your's is not a team I would want to play on. Could you please tell us what the "the far more important things to worry about" are?

Of course you can't look at the ball toss and your feet at the same time--but you can look down at your feet after the serve and see if you are f-f'ing. Or--if you and your teammates want to help the perp, you could kindly point it out to them and help them fix it--or discover that hearing constructive criticism causes them to come un-hinged. Do you really want to play with border-line psychos?

You are in essence saying, that you and your pals, just want a list of 12 to 20 numbers to call or email for a guaranteed match, rather then take your chances and venturing down to the public tennis center, or ye' ol' club and chance a pick-up game--thereby maybe diversifying your tennis network by playing with new folks. That's my main gripe with the damage league tennis has done to a great sport. Instead of seeing a world of potential players to meet and greet, it's now been narrowed down to a handful, with an occasional invasion of an enemy camp (the other team's territory).

You are in essence saying you have NO aspirations of your team advancing to season finals--because there f-f'ing, will come back to seriously bite you. The roving umpire will come out of nowhere, like the CHP, loudly yelling "foot fault", while the perp is saying: "Who me?". Likely coming un-hinged, arguing the match away or under great pressure trying to fix a relatively very easy issue, f-f'ing, all of a sudden.

Pack up your bags--this will likely cost your buddies the fun and glory of advancing further in the competition--wait until next year. I've seen it and the rest of the team wan't real happy about such a "minor infraction" f-f'ing costing them the match and advancement in the playoffs.

If a "friendly" rec match, has the potential to get "contentious", why provide the ammunition for it to happen by f'-f'ing and playing into their hands. What other rules should not followed willy-nilly at the whim of the individual with the silent consent of buddies?--not-up?, getting grazed by a ball?, calling out the score only when you're ahead?, waiting to call a let when a ball rolls on the court until you lose the point?--which are the important rules and which are the ones that can be bent or ignored and who gets to decide?

Tennis is a relatively simple game with rules that generally are easy to understand without a supreme court clerk's interpretation. Why not learn them and teach them to your teammates? Team practices would be an ideal time to work on this stuff. If the perp can't handle it then, do you really want to hang-out with this type of individual--are you that hard-up for a list of people to play with?
"...the human emotional system was not designed to endure the mental rigors of a tennis match." Dr. Allen Fox

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