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Originally Posted by Borrelli View Post
Nike has given a few subtle hints lately they the Mac Attack may see a retro. They recently released a shoe called the "Manor" if you google it, it looks like the same model as the Mac just without the mesh and checks. Hopefully they go all the way with it.
<SIGH> Why did you tell me that? Now I might cop those extra dope Hazelnut Brown Manors as well. They're easily found online

Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Just FYI the ORGINAL Wimbledon shoe was slated to be issued in 1972 but due to production issues had delay's......the first series of shoes were produced in Taiwan and Japan and had the swoosh in Lt Blue, Black or none at all just perforated. most of the USA stock from the 70s was made in Japan. The Japanese models have a huge life now on the vintage market and folks pay top $$$ for early 70s 1st and 2nd generation Wimbledons. Crazy stuff.
I think you could be the Keubler of vintage tennis footwear 1968-1990 - I'd buy your book if you wrote one

Originally Posted by robbo1970 View Post
I don't think the Nike footwear really got much publicity until McEnroe hit the big-time in about 1980. Prior to that there was the Hallait/Stan Smith but I don't recall late 70's/early 80's tennis wear gaining fashion status until the early 80's in the UK with the football casuals movement.

The basic story stems back to the Liverpool fans going to away matches in the late 70's/early 80's and seeing all these unknown brands like Fila, Tacchini and Diadora. Up until then, you either wore trainers for 'sport' or Adidas Gazelle or Samba. Nike Wimbledon's and Adidas SS were really only popular from about 1981/82. By then though, there were also a number of Adidas shoes coming through, like the Grand Slam, Nastase and Forest Hills, not to mention they also had a shoe called Wimbledon. Unheard of today....could you imagine seeing Adidas Vapour's!! The Bruin and Adidas Superstar, both bball shoes were only popular from the Back to the Future movie and Run DMC. But I too don't ever recall seeing ad's for Nike, it was just a case of seeing Mac wearing them and getting the same.
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