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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
Take old acid washed jeans. Cut off the legs. Apply Nike logo. Profit.

These look best if worn with long pink compression shorts underneath and a mullet on top of your head.
I'm not sure the words 'look best' should really be used in this thread at all

I would amend this to read..."These will never look good, but to acheive the full-on horredous effect, wear pink compression shorts and get an awful haircut.......shortly to be followed by being dis-owned by all family and friends".

The McEnroe Tacchini shirts and Fila Borg shirts, together with corresponding track tops ( I myself wear a Tacchini Dallas to and from matches) are acceptable, but please bear in mind that the items re-released are issued for a reason, the same applies to those that have never seen the light of day since.
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