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I really think the BCS is dead after the 2013 season. Here are just a few of many links out there.

Under the soon to be defunct BCS, teams were (are) chosen to play for the national championship through a formula involving two human polls and a bunch of computers. Under the new system, a committee will decide on four teams to participate in a playoff.

Under the soon to be defunct BCS, six conferences had Automatic Qualifying spots to so-called BCS bowl games. Lots of people referred to these conferences as "BCS conferences". Now there will be five "AQs" and non-AQs will have a more direct path to the big bowls.

I'm standing by my point that the BCS is dead after next year, despite your snark.

Maybe you meant to refer to AQ instead of BCS? But then again, after the BCS is dead post-2013 season, all D-1 football programs in at least 10 conferences will have a shot at the championship playoff.

Even if that is what you meant, "D-1" is an NCAA term and classification and "AQ" is not. Maybe NCAA would incorporate "BCS" or "AQ" into its rules, or the college football playoff executives would dictate how many sports teams a school would need to have to qualify for a football bowl game, but I really don't think that would be realistic.

Bottom line, at least I agree with the second part of your original point below:

I have a far fetched theory of my own that gets into requiring a certain number of total teams to be classified as D1 and a higher number for your school to be BCS eligible. I'm sure it would get shredded in an online forum.

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