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I find it really interesting that Newcombe never beat Nastase, in fact he only ever won 1 set from him. In contrast Newk lead the head to head against Smith.

Correction : Apparently Nastase lost to Newcombe in their first match in 1969. My point still stands though about Nastase's dominant head to head over Newk.
I saw the 1974 Year End Masters match between Nastase and Newcombe. Nastase hit some miracle shots in that match and totally in control. The shot of the match was when Newcombe hit a good overhead that seemed headed toward the stands. Nastase leaped up and smashed the overhead passed a stunned Newcombe! This was the only Masters that Nastase didn't win. He lost a great final in five sets to Vilas. Considering it was on grass you would have to say in retrospect it was a mild upset. To me that was the best tournament performance of Vilas' career. He beat Newcombe, Nastase, Borg, Ramirez and Parun. That's a great list of opponents that he beat.
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