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Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
You are in essence saying, that you and your pals, just want a list of 12 to 20 numbers to call or email for a guaranteed match, rather then take your chances and venturing down to the public tennis center, or ye' ol' club and chance a pick-up game--thereby maybe diversifying your tennis network by playing with new folks. That's my main gripe with the damage league tennis has done to a great sport. Instead of seeing a world of potential players to meet and greet, it's now been narrowed down to a handful, with an occasional invasion of an enemy camp (the other team's territory).
This is actually pretty funny because of how far from reality it has been for us. ALTA lets you have far more flexibility creating teams so we had enough people that wanted to join that we split the team. Then it got popular enough that we split the team again. Now we have 3 teams that all practice and play together, have 6 to 8 courts on practice nights, and always have a big group going out for drinks afterward and are sponsored by a bar. We have players from guys who played D1 to guys who picked a racquet for the first time after the age of 30. I have no clue where you get the idea that "not caring about footfaults == less willing to meet people in tennis" In fact I'd guess that it is strongly the opposing direction.

You are in essence saying you have NO aspirations of your team advancing to season finals--because there f-f'ing, will come back to seriously bite you.
Ridiculous. I said that I wouldn't have someone on my team who consistently wanted to call footfaults on the opponents. If an objective umpire calls it then I have no problems with it. If the opponent calls one of my players on it I'd hope they would just move back.

EVERY SINGLE TIME that I have seen someone calling footfaults in a match its because they were losing and were trying to jack with the opponents. I do not want to be in that group and I wouldn't have people on my team who wanted to win that way.

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