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While I understand Kriek being the weakest I am surprised Kafelnikov doesnt have more votes. He wasnt even good enough to win a Masters titles, and top players of the time did not fear him at all. Also he has virtually no big wins in slams, and his draws to his 2 slam titles were quite easy. What is his biggest ever win in a slam, an injured and immobile Agassi at the French (not the one he won either), Sampras on clay a the French, Todd Martin on hard courts. Then some of his head to head records, 5-9 vs Tomas Johansson who many consider the worst 1 slam winner, I think he lost 8 in a row at one point, 1-7 vs Lleyton Hewitt mostly when he was in his prime and Hewitt was on the way up, 0-9 vs Sampras outside of clay.

Seeing Hewitt and Safin combining for the same # of votes as Kafelnikov as funny. Those two are at a way higher level than he is, atleast in terms of singles play.
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