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Originally Posted by tball View Post
By circumference, it is exactly the same.

I use Dunlop 4. For Volkl I get grip 3, then put some padding on the two widest bevels to make an approximation to Dunlop 4.

Volkl 4 is uncomfortable for me. OK on forehand, but very awkward on backhand. Volkl 3 is fine on backhand, but not enough to grab on on the forehand. Hence the padding. Volkl 3 with padding is approximately equal to Dunlop 4. Beware that padding will add weight to the handle.

On a few Volkl racquets I particularly like, I do the complete surgery: I remove the pallets, put the light padding on the hairpin, pallets #3 on top, and put a Wilson or Dunlop buttcap. This gives me the "normal" grip, that's comfortable for me.

There are "Attiva" pallets which are supposedly more square, but I am not sure of that. I have one, and it seems to have the same rectangular proportions as their other pallets.

In the far-away past (80s), Volkl racquets had a regular grip. This oval shape is a relatively new trend. I am surprised they managed to stay in business for that long with such an annoyance to the consumers.
Excellent post. The Volkl people are fools for not changing the grip shape.

I use a bunch of Volkls, and the one thing keeping me from simply updating them with Volkls is the damn weird grip shape. It's bizarre and inexplicable.

I appreciate greatly the modification advice. Perhaps Volkl could use you as a consultant!
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