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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
guys...there is no ONE NUMBER for swingweight. It is an average, just like static weight and can vary depending on the luck of the draw. If you have a limit or range for your swingweight, best bet is to pay TW the extra $10 for matching service or bring a scale to your local store. Lower static weight will usually correspond with lower swingweight.

In my experience, my actual swingweight numbers are usually 5 to 10 pts higher on a local RDC machine as compared to TW's published numbers. If they say 315, I will usually get around 320-325 on my machine. I think they also measure without overgrip and dampener.
overgrip will lower the SW, not increase it. cause it will make the racket more head light.
Anyway, we were very surprised because the numbers were way way different. 316 from TW and 329 from other guys. That is 13 point difference. that is Unusual. 5 point difference is common.
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