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just played with bhb7 in a hybrid with quasi-gut for the first time last night. not a good a idea to use quasi-gut as this is a pretty powerful sting. i can only describe it as "jumpy", the whole setup that is. in fact, i really don't thing you need to hybrid this stuff since i'ts really soft. as a hybrid with quasi-gut it was way too powerful and extremely soft. if i were to even try to hybrid this i would use a stiffer synthetic or just go with ogsm since that plays a fairly stiff as a cross. the one thing i did like was the comfort and feel of the setup. ball pocketing was nice as well, best i've tested so far. however, the control was out the window and too many adjustments needed to be made to keep a consistent rally.

this setup was very hard to control, for me. when i tried to hit through the ball i dumped it into the net. the only way i could keep a rally was to hit in a more upward motion which cleared the net by 3-4 feet then nose dived near the service line. perhaps it was the cross, but i feel like i would have gotten the same or similar results in a full bed. if i were to test this again, which i probably won't i would play a full bed at between 53-55 ( my hybrid test was at 47/52) as a hybrid i'd use ogsm and set tension at 50/55.

i've played with a bunch of shaped poly's and the more i play with them the more i realize that if you already hit with alot of topspin these shaped ploy's only exaggerated what you already have. in other words they bring, at least for me any advantage, competitive or otherwise. my next 2 tests will be with round poly's starting with SPPP and WC Scoprion.

if you're looking for a soft poly that will, most definitely give you more spin than definitely give this a try. in fact give it a try anyway and make your own conclusions about it, but for those who already generate a fair bit of top spin you may find that sometimes more, is just more.
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