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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
overgrip will lower the SW, not increase it. cause it will make the racket more head light.
Anyway, we were very surprised because the numbers were way way different. 316 from TW and 329 from other guys. That is 13 point difference. that is Unusual. 5 point difference is common.
No, it won't lower SW. The only way to lower SW is to remove mass from the frame, especially towards 12.

The most an OG will do is increase SW a fraction of a point or so if it's very heavy and the grip is long. Under no circumstance will it reduce SW.

It will change a frames balance making it more HL. That's not the same thing as lowering SW.

You can test this yourself: use the TW and add mass at 0" to 5". The SW value will barely budge and it only go up.
Only on Talk Tennis can you find people who believe
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