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Originally Posted by bobbything View Post
Also, is there no way to edit posts? I just noticed a bunch of typos and would like to correct them so that I don't come off like a complete rube.
I think you need to get to 50 posts before you can use the edit feature.

I have a story similar to yours. At a recent state tournament, my partner and I won the first set easily and were up a break at 3-0 in the second in what turned out to be a match against the team that went on to win state but we would have tied them for first place if we'd won the match. However at that moment of impending victory the wheels came off our team as I badly jammed my big toe and lost some of my previous mobility while at the same time my partner apparently got the jitters or saw me hobbling and started spewing UEs and we lost the set and the TB. I think I was as close as I've ever been to putting my racquet on hiatus right after I had to tell my captain the bad news about our match.
When should you serve and volley in doubles? Only when you want to win.
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