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Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
Hyperion is not so expensive by the reel.
Brings it down to about $9 a set, which is not bad at all.
Good call. I was thinking of the price per set of Tornado, but even that one is ok once you go for a reel. I also like Tornado, but it played stiffer than Hyperion.

I also think the best suggestion of this thread was tlm's advice: get a dropweight and self-string. It really is nice to be in control of your own strings, it's not hard to learn, and then you can have fresh stringbeds whenever you like without having to fork out the usual $15-20 for labor that most places charge.

A dropweight will pay for itself in about 8-10 re-stringings, and a little bit of time invested in learning how to do it.
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