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Originally Posted by Tennusdude View Post
Unfortunately these tools are not made well in that you lose a good amount of tension since the cross string is never horizon when pulled with these tools in place. I am not sure why Prince did not test these tools better. Irvin do you feel the same way about these tools? In other words, that you lose a good amount of tension when using them? The prince exo3 Silve 118 seems to be the worst in tension loss.
There are three points of friction when pulling tension using a boomerang (two points on the boomerang and one on the frame) and each point will reduce tension. Then there is the issue of using the boomerang that fits in the hole and does not pop out. I don't like using the boomerangs and would prefer my string method or I think a spring loaded clothespin would work great. it should not be hard to fabricate a tool either shaped like a U to drop over the frame.
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