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Originally Posted by TennisMD View Post
Thanks Andy this helps. Out of curiosity do you play stock or customize if latter how so. Also favorite string for TTW
I add some weight, but I play around with the weighting of those a lot so I don't have a particular spec that I prefer. I usually try to add weight to the TT Warrior without changing the balance too much. Normally this means adding a lot around the throat, and then a little in the handle and hoop to counterbalance. That way, the racquet has the same balance but with a little higher swingweight.

As for my favorite string, I'm going to give you a few...Babolat RPM Blast, Solinco Tour Bite, Tourna Big Hitter Black 7, and Volkl Cyclone. Preferably 17g or 18g. The thinner gauge for me the better, but I also don't want the string to break after 2 hours of play either.

Andy, TW
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