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There's no serve/volley player that can touch Federer.
Also, the matchup favors Federer, who thrives against serve/volley players. The win/loss record would be like 12-8 in favor of Federer.
Absurd comments since there is absolutely no proof of that. Federer has never faced a top serve and volley player in his career (no one match against old Sampras is not enough) so there is no evidence whatsoever there is no serve/volley player who can touch Federer. Not prime Federer, but Patrick Rafter is 3-0 vs Federer, and Tim Henman has an almost tied H2H with Federer, and beat Federer in back to back matches in late 2003 and early 2004 when Federer was already starting his prime and Henman was 30.
Those are lightweight serve and volley players without the overall firepower of Sampras or Becker, nor the skill level or athleticsm of Edberg.

Even more comical though is the idea you can conclude somehow Federer thrives against serve/volley players. How can you know this when Federer hasnt even faced serve/volley players (other than the ones mentioned he fared mediocre against). I can see someone saying that for Hewitt who exceled vs serve and volley players from 99-2002, but not Federer. It is a guess at best for Federer.
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