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I'm very interested in this set up, as I having been a PD user for 10+ years, have found the 2012 a great stick, but I feel it is missing some plow through, so I am demo-ing a 2012 PDR right now, but finding the extra weight is having a somewhat sluggish effect on my serving (no doubt from the more hefty weight of the stick).

Did you not try the 2012 PDR, and if so, why did you choose the 2012 PD std in the end?

I will try your set up (I have VS touch at 57lbs), adding lead, and the leather grip.....

I have previously tried adding circa 4 grams in the throat, and after a while just ripped it out (and the paint on which it was stuck too

I'm a 3.5, decent flat first serve which wins me free points, followed by a decent 2nd kciker...baseliner, with 1 BH, flat forehand. I plan on demo-ing the new APD as well......but my heart is really with the PD's
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