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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
A question for Troy Lara? What did you do when you prestretched the ALU Rough for the playtest? How did you do it? How much did you prestretch it? How different did it feel versus the non-prestreched string?


I used 2 floating clamps, (, and a partner and I pulled against each other like a controlled tug-o-war. We pulled fairly hard for about 30 seconds, so that both of us were using most of our body weight. If you only have yourself, the best way is to wrap it around a pole, or an immovable object and pull carefully. Try pulling quite hard for 15 seconds, then a little less for another 15 seconds.

I found the pre-stretch to help the string maintain tension up to about ten hours of play. When I tried this string without pre-stretching, after about three hours, I noticed a big drop in tension, and then the string became too lively for my liking. I didn't experience any control issues when I pre-stretched. I hope this information is useful.

Troy, TW
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