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Originally Posted by Sumo View Post
Congrats....with one sentence you were able to lose all credibility on this issue.
Anyone who can tell if they are foot faulting by looking at their feet after the serve has a TERRIBLE serve and won't be gaining any advantage by foot faulting. Why waste the effort?

Are you the guy who calls every touch foul when playing pickup bball? Because those guys are fun to have around.

A "gotch-ya'" moment. Oh boo-hoo, I'm SO busted, I've lost credibility at a tennis message board--I'll just have to go down to the hot-tub and wash away the shame of it all. I guess you never practice your serve, if you did you could very easily look down at your foot to check if you are foot-faulting--it is humanly possible to serve a ball and down look at your foot--unless you are so out of balance from chasing your errant toss that you would fall on your face.

I was just working with a woman the other day on breaking her of the foul habit. I would call her on, it where-about she immediately looked down at her foot and saw she was doing it--something she was totally unaware of. She then over-compensated by stepping back too far. I told her to only move back about four inches which in her case remedied her f-f'ing bad habit.

I think you're talking about basketball, I haven't played that for probably 20 years. I've learned that most tennis players who sprained their ankles did so playing basketball--like Todd Martin. I'm saving myself for tennis thank you. I guess now that I've lost all my cred here, I'll have to refund you all your money for all the lessons.

Adios amigos!
"...the human emotional system was not designed to endure the mental rigors of a tennis match." Dr. Allen Fox
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