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Originally Posted by Sabratha View Post
Was working for Bernard Tomic until he had a mental cramp.
good point, but i think work ethic and not taking it seriously enough held him back just as much his mental cramp. i actually think he wouldn't have had as many mental cramps late in matches if he had the conditioning to support his game.
if tomic were to have stayed on track, do you think it could have taken him to the top of the game without improving his fitness? he had a couple great runs early on in the year, beat some quality players, but when he had to play anyone ranked within the top 15, he would crumble. granted his results early on were nothing to sniff at compared to other talented young bucks, but unless he improved his conditioning, he wasn't going to maximize his shotmaking.

like i said, it's possible for a teen to shoot up the rankings, but it's a lot harder to do so nowadays as opposed to previous generations.

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