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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Frazer, I care about you and lets be friends, please.

Formula 3
\mbox{Inertia force} = m \times {\bf\sf M_{a}}\qquad ({\bf\sf M_{a}} = \mbox{mass field})

The Ea field of an accelerated charge e depends on the magnetic vector potential A:
Formula 4
\mbox{Electric acceleration field} = {\bf\sf E_{a}} = \dfrac{\partial {\bf\sf A}}{\large \partial t} = \dfrac{(e)(\mbox{acceleration})}{4 \pi \varepsilon_{0} c^{2} r}

Where r is the average distance to the matter sources of the space field.

For the analogous particle m, assume an analogous mass acceleration field:
Formula 5
\mbox{Mass acceleration field} = {\bf\sf M_{a}} = \dfrac{m \: (\mbox{acceleration})\: G}{c^{2}\: r}
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