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Oh boy....I've got a good one.

Played a tourney last January, and drew a guy who I know very well, having played a few times in singles and a few more in doubles. The last time we had played singles against each other was about a year and a half prior, and that went a full 3 sets. His strengths are my weaknesses and vice-versa (he covers the court well, uses angles well, and handles power, while I generate a lot of power and tend to try and serve the other player off of the court).

We start our match, and I am on fire out of the gate. Win the first set 6-2, and I'm painting lines and finishing points better than I ever can remember. Get into the second set, and I break twice to jump out to a 4-1 lead. I can see the finish line, and I'm serving for a 5-1 lead. He breaks. Okay, no sweat - I've been returning really well. He holds. Oh boy - it's now 4-3, and I'm starting to feel a little bit of fatigue in my legs. He breaks me again, and holds to take it to 5-4. I finally hold serve, he holds, and I hold, so now we're in a breaker. I can't remember the finer details of the breaker, but I end up losing that set, and by this time, we're playing longer and longer points, and my legs are getting slower and slower.

We ended up playing neck and neck in the match breaker, and he ended up pulling it out 10-8. I was so disappointed in myself for not being able to pull myself out of the funk that I got into.
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