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Default From Tennis insiders continued

I do, however, think there is a fresh wind blowing in tennis. Club pros and college coaches and high school coaches and concerned parents and tennis leaders are getting involved and speaking out. They are no longer afraid of USTA backlash, either real or imagined.

I am heartened by the inclusive leadership of Dave Haggerty. He said that we have an 800 pound Gorilla in our American tennis living room and he wants to reduce it to a 400 pound Gorilla during his term. With his determination and skill set and wisdom, I think he has a good chance of turning that Gorilla into a slender little 20 pound Gibbon Monkey.

Kurt was very gracious to meet with me after my harsh criticisms of USTA policies in recent years. Steve Bellamy also took time out of his busy schedule to sit in and contribute at our early morning meeting in Camarillo even though he had just flown in from New York and had slept very little after a week on the road.

To complete the record, it must be reported that we closed downCoogie’s Restaurant in Malibu late on Wednesday Night and we were the first ones to arrive at Eggs ‘n Things in Camarillo on Thursday morning at the crack of dawn. It also must be disclosed that I paid for both meals and that Dave and Kurt shared a rental car – - – it was not a Limo and it was not a Lincoln Towncar - – - it was a American made small Chevy midsize.

I did my best to represent the views of the parents and coaches that I speak with in my travels across the US, while Dave must work within the strictures and by laws and mission statement of theUSTA when he takes office in January. And Kurt has his duties to fulfill as well, but I can attest to the fact that these two men are very talented and bright and dedicated and caring and passionate about our game and they traveled a long way to chop some wood for American tennis.

I am enthused and upbeat about the future of the great game and I will remain vigilant and I hope to meet with them again at the US Davis Cup match vs. Brazil in Jacksonville in early February. As always, I sure welcome your input by e mail . . . and I will continue to speak out when I see USTA institutional programs that are harmful to our American juniors and the great game itself.

Best and thanks for all you do for tennis each day.

Wayne Bryan
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