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Got it strung up. Ivory color looks good with the black frame.

First impressions are that I couldn't believe how soft the string was! I could put it in a pillow case and sleep on it, it was that soft haha. Honestly, I felt more comfortable stringing gut the other day, that's how soft it is. String is limp too, so weaving the crosses took a little extra time.

The grommets on my PB10 are stretched out over the years, but this was the first time I've had to worry about them damaging the string.

Right off the stringer it came out to 52 pounds. I did the proverbial bounce test, which felt very nice. Had a very good response on impact, obviously it was very soft, which felt great in my flexy Volkl frame, also has a very muted feel, not many vibrations at all. I'll be interested to see how the hexagon profile does, but after the bounce test I think it's already start to fray

So far very impressed with the Genesis string! I've never tried Genesis so this we'll be fun for me. If it has any kind of durability at all, has a chance to be a great multi.

Off to the courts now!
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