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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
Yes, I have.

I've tried full ports, full grommet, grommet@12 and ports at 3&9 and ports at 12 and grommets @ 3&9.

Full grommets- Really shrinks the sweetspot. Racquet feels stiffer. Less spin production. More of a traditional feel. Not that oversize forgiveness that full ports offer.

Ports @ 3&9, grommets @ 12- Strange brew. Prefer full ports or full grommets to this set-up.

Ports@12 and grommets @ 3&9- The best hybrid set-up. Spin production is great, nothing like full ports but also has a more traditional (tighter) feel to the string bed.

Fire away any questions you might have.
I also did this test and found the same. The ports at 3 and 9 felt like an inconsistent stringbed. I think a few oddballs might enjoy it.

Ports at 12/6 was already a staple in many of the prince speed port tweeners and I'm glad I was able to use it on my Rebels. Great feel and it really opened up the sweet spot.

Here is a little write up i did of the experiment. The theories were pretty much conclusive, but the 2012 grommets didn't make a noticeable difference. Someone told me I had a louder pop, but thats cause i has synthgut and was swinging well lol.

Prince Racket Tuning System Experiment:

So, I just purchased both the 2012 hole grommets and the rebel team port grommets for my 2009 model Rebel 95.

Soon I will do a comparison with all three Grommet types. I'm hoping the ports will open up the sweetspot and give me the extra pop I was looking for.

In this experiment I will use 1 string set up, at one tension, all done by the same stringer. I'm debating whether to go with BHBR17, my go to poly or Forten Sweet 17, my dream budget string.

If anyone wants to donate BHBR to the cause, I'd appreciate it =P

What is expected:

Hole Grommets: Traditional sized sweet spot with plenty of directional control and consistent depth on all shots. Lacks a bit of pop sometimes, but it really allows me to let loose on all my strokes.

2012 ThermoCarbon Hole Grommets: I'm expecting to feel pretty similar. Having the thermocarbon, a stiffer material, will increase responsiveness and feel on contact with the ball. Therefore, taking away some of that "Prince Feel" that so many people love/hate. I'm expecting to be a tad more lively, while really giving me that steady control feel the normal hole grommets provide me. The thermo carbon is noticeable thicker and has larger holes as well... Interesting.

Exo3 Port Grommets: Ideally, it takes the beloved speed port technology of previous prince lines and makes it OPTIONAL and even HYBRIDABLE. Anyways, I expect a much more forgiving sweet spot with a noticeable amount of greater power. Losing a tad of both directional and depth control.

Future Experiment: After I have killed the strings in all three of these rackets, I will hybrid the grommets and to see If I can't get the best of both worlds. I'll have one racket with ports at 12/6 and one racket with ports at 3/9.
^^I did this and found what klement did in the quote above. Ports@3/9 is the best for a in between feel.
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