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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
An easy draw? Are you kidding? Goran Ivanisevic had been in an awful slump for at least 18 months before 2001 Wimbledon, was struggling to survive on the main tour, and by the time of 2001 Wimbledon, he was ranked at 125 in the world. Earlier that year, he had travelled for 20+ hours to Melbourne for the Australian Open qualifiers, and lost the first qualifier to Petr Luxa, and then travelled back another 20+ hours the same day he had lost to Luxa. At 2001 Queen's Club, Goran was swept aside by Cristiano Caratti, a one-time decent player and 1991 Australian Open quarter finalist, who was many years past his prime, and by 2001 was a journeyman at best.

Now let's look at Goran's opponents at 2001 Wimbledon. Jonsson in the first round was a journeyman, fair enough, but the others are very tough for someone ranked as low as 125 in the world. Moya is a former major winner (1998 French Open champion), Roddick was a big up-and-coming 18 year old who had beaten Sampras at 2001 Miami and was expected to sweep aside the "washed up" Goran with his serve, Rusedski was playing well in previous matches, dominant on serve, and was dangerous on grass, Safin was the reigning US Open champion, and Henman was never in better grass-court form than he was at this point and was a serious title challenger with a ferocious crowd backing him every step of the way. And Rafter was in his second Wimbledon final in a row and a former 2-time US Open champion.

Yeah, easy.
Good post. You have my approval Mustard.
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