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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
Glad to be your fodder. Interesting analysis on what you see as BCS. I guess the term is so loosely used it gets interpreted differently based on circumstance.

OK, the heck with my analysis. Just post up your analysis or anything that would indicate the BCS will continue after the 2013 season.

I don't think the term "BCS" is used loosely, and I haven't come across anyone before today who thinks it hasn't been consigned to the trash bin of history, post-2013 season.

Back to the point, the old BCS was created by the D1 college presidents and their Conference Athletic Commissioners. The new system that will replace the BCS, similarly, was created by the college presidents/conference commissioners. NCAA has nothing to do with either. NCAA does not/will not crown a college football champion.

I think it is a long shot that the Conference Commissioners would agree that each D-1 school has to have 18 sports in addition to football......more than the NCAA requires for D1 status...... in order for a school to qualify for a major bowl game. U Florida doesn't have 18 sports. Alabama?

But sometimes long shots come in. Interesting debate.

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