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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
Maybe, there can't be....

But, I have been to plenty of sectional tournaments, where the tournament ran late
and the TD and ref left....... Score was reported to the kid who was holding down the front desk.

I did complain. And it still happens.....

I am going to say this is one of the biggest issues in junior tennis, lack of refs and/or TD's interested in running a good tournament. And I am going to guess it must be about the $.
The TD's probably don't make a lot of money running the tournaments and I know the refs are not paid well ( especially when you factor in gas money).

I do wish the USTA would help fund some of the tournaments with money for more refs.

I don't hear parents complaining about the cost of a tournament, but I do hear them complaining about the cost of a tournament not being worthwhile if it is not properly equipped to do a good job....

Lastly, the reason I don't post on this board much anymore is all the snarky comments.
Just because you have never been to a tournament where the ref disappears,
doesn't make it impossible.

It is a big country, every tournament is not a cookie cutter excellent event.
Maybe, there was a ref and maybe he/she was taking a long lunch break.......
I was at a national tournament two years ago,
one ref went to lunch and the other one got lost in the bathroom......
What exactly was snarky about me saying that there's no way a USTA sanctioned tournament can be held without a Tournament Director and Referee? The OP said that there was no referee and no tournament director at a tournament, which just can't happen (until I did my own research and found out it was at an alternate site, where it is possible that there wasn't an official at that site).

This goes back to what was discussed in a couple of other threads last week about parents at junior tournaments. I would be willing to bet that if someone went up to the OP's daughter and asked her if she was bothered by her opponent going back to the fence for 8-10 seconds, she would say no (that is if she even noticed what was happening, or that is if it even happened at all)! Most of the time, what parents complain about, doesn't even happen at all. If it does happen, the kids don't even notice it, and it's not worth complaining about.

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