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I think he is rated about right. He was a great clay courter, who could be an occasional threat on other surfaces but wasnt regularly one of the top guys on any other surface. He had a promising career which fizzled out due to unfortunate illness and injury, and never regained the momentum he once had, which I think everyone remembers well and knows. For a 1 slam winner he is considered pretty strong. People though generally rate him below or dont talk about him as much as Safin, Hewitt, or Roddick in this era, and that is about right. He was never a World #1 who won Wimbledon, U.S Open, 2 WTFs, and 2 year end #1s like Hewitt. He did not play some of historys best ever tennis and crush a GOAT and beat another GOAT at his peak like Safin did at the 2000 U.S Open or 2005 Australian Open. He was not around as a top 10 player for a whole decade and thus there to be talked about again and again, like Roddick. All those guys overall achieved more, had more longevity, and were a consistent threat on more surfaces. Good thread though.

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