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Elton doesn't have a cruise ship, he has a yacht in the South of France. He spends a month down there every summer and the paparazzi regularly photograph him on his boat with the assorted celebs that come to visit him.

Gonzalito is right, Jan-Mike has been coaching Coco since summer of 2011 and he still plays WTT every summer for the Boston Lobsters. He also plays the WTT Smash Hits event every year, usually on Elton's team. He still does a little bit of modeling when he can fit it in and uses crossfit and hot yoga to stay in shape. Check Coco's twitter, she posts some photos of him sometimes. She posted a video of him doing burpees at practice one day because he was late, that was kind of funny.

Recent article with lots of mistakes, but the second photo is really nice.
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