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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
What exactly was snarky about me saying that there's no way a USTA sanctioned tournament can be held without a Tournament Director and Referee? The OP said that there was no referee and no tournament director at a tournament, which just can't happen (until I did my own research and found out it was at an alternate site, where it is possible that there wasn't an official at that site).

This goes back to what was discussed in a couple of other threads last week about parents at junior tournaments. I would be willing to bet that if someone went up to the OP's daughter and asked her if she was bothered by her opponent going back to the fence for 8-10 seconds, she would say no (that is if she even noticed what was happening, or that is if it even happened at all)! Most of the time, what parents complain about, doesn't even happen at all. If it does happen, the kids don't even notice it, and it's not worth complaining about.
There are two issues here, and I only addressed one of them.

So, let's start with the first issue, the poster's issue of the junior stalling for time.
What else will bother juniors - the long strategic bathroom break, the come on after every point, hooting for double faults, etc, etc, etc.
All issues of gamemanship - ok with some folks here on the board.
I think juniors should just work on their game and technique, and that would be a better long term strategy.
And just ignore all the other stupidity.

Second, I addressed the lack of TD and ref.
Yes, technically they should be there.
Just like technically you shouldn't cut off the car in front of you or speed.

But, many times, they disappear, or it gets late and they go home.

Look it is a thankless job being a ref.
You get paid very little and some of the junior boys are completely disrespectful to boot.

I have seen great refs who write up code violations for throwing racquets and cursing,
and I have seen others who are too busy talking to another ref or on their blackberry......

My feeling is if you are going to take a job, do it well.

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