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I finally laced up a half set of this tonight. I crossed it with Iso Baseline Spin to get 2 sets out of one since the crosses don't really benefit from texture. Gotta say, I'm a bit excited about this one. Feels like a soft version of BHBR. I liked that string a lot for spin and control, but it lacked power and feel. This has the same fence wire feel, but seems a lot more springy as you weeve the crosses. I recently did the same set up but with Cyclone Tour (seems to get similar comments to BHB7 and mirrors its stats in the comparison box), and I REALLY like the feel of it. I'm hoping this will put the spin up to BHBR standards, but keep the feel of the Cyclone Tour, as CT didn't have quite the spin of BHBR. Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow. This might be the main I'm looking for!
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