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haha nope! No fingers!


First hitting session is in the books and results are definitely positive. The string actually played a little stiffer than I was expecting, which wasn't a bad thing. Had a nice crisp feel to it.

Power was about normal. Not a powerful string but not totally dead either, it was a good medium.

Happy with the spin for a multi, not what you get from a poly but was definitely there and got some good bounce with my kick serves especially.

Control and Touch Shots were good too. Soft enough on drop shots and touch volleys, crisp enough to keep everything in the court.

Definitely a successful string from Genesis, obviously the string movement was bad but that was to be expected. So far 1 hour logged on the strings, durability will most likely be the deal breaker here as I imagine it will be for a lot of people, so we'll see how much hitting I get with it before it pops.

First Impressions are a good string, hitting wise nothing stood out as amazing, but I don't have anything bad to say about it either. Hopefully I'll have a better opinion of it after a few more hitting sessions. But obviously a good string if you have elbow problems or are a fan of multis and are looking for some more spin/control, it's good in that regard.
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