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[QUOTE=woodrow1029;. I would be willing to bet that if someone went up to the OP's daughter and asked her if she was bothered by her opponent going back to the fence for 8-10 seconds, she would say no (that is if she even noticed what was happening, or that is if it even happened at all)! Most of the time, what parents complain about, doesn't even happen at all. If it does happen, the kids don't even notice it, and it's not worth complaining about.[/QUOTE]

How much was that bet for?
My daughter did notice and it did get to her. My daughter did a retaliatory facing the back fence for an extended period while the opponent was doing the same. When the opponent turned around and saw my daughter copying her she turned back around to continue facing the back fence. Ridiculous!

You should have such great skills that you don't have to rely on that c**p.
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