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Default Any surprising bumps up or down?

Trying to see if the USTA is leaning toward bumping up people or bumping down people. Last couple years there was a big attempt to bump people up. Several years before that there was an effort to bump people down.
One woman I know who played #1 singles on her 4.0 team and lost most of her matches, but won a few was bumped down. She was one of the best players on her team which consisted of all 4.0 players.
That seemed quite a bit different than the last couple of years where a record like that might have gotten you bumped up.
Also, the #2 singles player on our team was not bumped up despite being undefeated during the season. Last year the #2 singles player (different guy) was bumped up after being undefeated (though I was not, playing #1 singles and only losing a couple of matches)

Is there is propensity toward bumping people down now?
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