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You don't think that the parents at junior tennis tournament most of the time are not the issue? I'm telling you. Most of the time, when the parents think there's an issue, the kids don't. The parents make a big deal out of EVERYTHING. A close call on the opposite side of the court that they are sure that their kid hit six inches inside the line that is not. The other kid is receiving coaching (according to the other kid's parents), but they are not. The list goes on and on.
And yes, it's sad that the parents allow their kids to use poor sportsmanship. But the parents that allow their kids to use poor sportsmanship are the ones who have kids that end up on the suspension lists, then it's those same parents tha sue the referee and umpires for giving the code violation that put them on the suspension list because the player is a different race than the umpire.

There's also reasons why the parents are not allowed to call fr an official to the court and the players have to. And the reasons are that first of all the kids need to be able to have the responsibility to figure out when they need an official. Also, the parents are usually wrong about what happened when they are standing outside the fence.
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