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Default Parenting Aces continued....

Currently, 88,000 kids play at all levels here in the US. (K. Kamperman)

Increasing participation at the high school level will help increase the USTA bottom line, player-wise! (coach)
I have to disagree with this statement, at least insofar as high school tennis in Georgia is currently structured. Our state high school association has passed an eligibility rule which will effectively eliminate all high-performance players from their high school teams. The level of competition in our state’s high schools has become on par with recreational league tennis.

I travel from Rochester to NYC seven times a year and it is VERY costly and time-consuming. (parent)
I wonder if the USTA is willing to pick up the traveling expenses for players who travel outside of their respective region.
(parent) I know my section (Southern) does have need-based scholarship funds available to help offset some of the costs of junior tennis. I’m guessing other sections have something similar.

I’m on the board of player development for the New England section and am concerned about these new rule changes. (coach)

There is no guarantee for our children, especially when we have to spend so much money for travel and tournament fees that I am beginning to think the investment isn’t worth it anymore! (parent)
That is a decision each family has to make for itself. With my three kids, only one of whom is a tennis player, I’ve found that pursuing an interest to the point of mastery is expensive, whether it’s a sport or an art form.

I still would like someone to ask the question about Winter Nationals.....
1)It doesn't interfere with school...........
3) It gives spring birthdays an opportunity to GET INTO the tournament.
4) It provides the cold weather indoor players an opportunity to play outdoors.

What is interesting is Eddie Herr and the Orange Bowl interferes with school.
And the question that begs to be asked are the "top players" that are playing these two long events in December too physically exhausted
to play Winter Nationals in the SAME month, so the USTA feels like it is not in "their" best interest to have this tournament.

The proposed dates for the remaining “listening” meetings are as follows:

December 16: ITA Convention (for convention attendees only), Naples FL
December 26: 16s & 18s Winter Nationals, Scottsdale, AZ
December 27: 12s & 14s Winter Nationals, Tucson, AZ
Jan. 10-13: Southern Section annual meeting, Atlanta, GA
Feb. 15-17: Texas Section annual meeting, Grapevine, TX
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