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Checked all the teams in our league ... 5 teams in our flight.

From what I remember, all of the best singles players got bumped up, around 6 guys, including 2 guys that played mostly singles from one team that went to Nationals.

Overall 8-9 guys who played mostly doubles got bumped up too.

Again, because the one team went to Nationals they had 8 bump ups (?), which also probably affected other opponents chance to bump up.

My team finished 2nd best and we split with the team that went to Nationals 3-2 and 2-3, we had 4 bump ups.

The other 3 teams had: 1 bump up, 1 bump up, 2 bump up.

So overall, I thought it was ok. The team that advanced so far rightly had numerous bumps, our 4 had very good records and expected a bump, the other teams bumps generally seemed appropriate. No complaints, tho there were some others from our facility who I thought would get a bump but didn't.
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