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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
^^^I changed the original pallets for another set of L4 TK82 pallets, and these felt the same size as the rest of my IG Prestiges; But I changed the pallets on my IG Prestiges as I bought them 2nd hand and they had L3's.

One of the guys at GSS (or as it is now called International Alliance of Racket Technician / GSSAlliance) has measured both rqts, and come up with differing results. I'm going to try and get my rqts on an RDC to test them. While the grommets may change the feel of the rqt, I can't see how it would affect the flex on an RDC.


I have both the 25th anniversary and the regular IG Prestige MP. I put them both on a RDC came out to be the same flex at 62RA on that machine.
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