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I don't really care what you think nor the BBC ranking. BBC is a joke, what do they know.

Useless arguments all over.

Of course Alonso won the 2 titles with Renault with Renault being the best car, although at the end of his last title Ferrari had already been faster, but with the engine breaking in Suzuka, the problem in the qualifying in Brazil, the flat tire when passing Fisichela and having to run the entire lap just to pit and put new tyres on probably don't tell the story.

Don't forget the Michelin tires gave half second advantage to the cars using it, not to forget the FIA did everything to slow down Ferrari and stop Michael of winning more, changing the rules every year until the years they got the job done.

Senna first and Piquet 16th, that tells a lot. End of talk, believe in what you want, at the end Michael Schumacher is still the best ever until somebody wins 8 titles and have all other records.

In no way Ferrari was the best car in 2000 and 2001, they had Schumacher, the difference, He would have won the title in both competitive cars against any driver.
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