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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
Nadal's 2010 USO's serve has become a bit of a myth on this forums, one of his best serving performances no doubt but for example he served better in 2011 Wimbledon final than 2010 USO final.
Just had a look at the stats on this.

Here's Nadal's average 1st serve speed in all his GS finals against Djokovic:

2010 USO - 116 mph -- made 67% of 1st serves
2011 W -118 mph -- made 78%
2011 USO - 107 mph -- made 68%
2012 AO - 114 mph -- made 67%
2012 RG - 115 mph -- made 62%

So he was serving fastest in the 2011 Wimbledon final, and somehow also making nearly 80% of his first serves. Looks like his top serving performance against Novak.

Stephen Tignor mentioned Nadal's serving in that Wimby final:
Nadal came out determined to change the dynamic of their rallies by going down the line with his forehand, to Djokovicís forehand, rather than letting the Serb beat him with his best shot, his backhand. It didnít work. After five games Djokovic was moving instinctively in that direction and answering with his own down the line forehand winners. Even more decisive, though, was Djokovicís return of serve. Nadal served brilliantly through much of the first set. In his last two service games, he made nine of 10 first serves at one stage, most in the 125-m.p.h. range, but where did they get him? Down set point at 4-5, 30-40 is where. On that point, Nadal tried another down the line forehand, but, having been burned by Djokovic too many times, he went for too much and hit it wide. The tone was set.
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