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i havent had any tournaments or otherwise good news to post for the past month, but this weekend i was able to put together some decent wins. i played in the la habra tennis center open in the open division and 4.5 division for singles. there was very good competition since first place open received $ 1800 and 4.5 first place received $ 400. in the open division i won my first round, but ended up losing 2 and 3 to the one seed in qualifying. i was happy with my play, but realize my stamina is not quite there yet. the kid i lost to was in one of those camps where they play tennis all day and then get tutored. my game is on par with these guys, but i cannot keep the intensity going without getting gassed. so there is plenty more work to do.

on a better note i took down the 4.5 division without dropping a set and taking the final 0 and 0. i had actually lost to the guy i beat in the final before so i know i am improving. the prize money was the largest ive seen for a tournament so the competition was pretty good, even for 4.5. in the semis i had to go through the #1 4.5 tournament player in so cal.

lastly, in my 6.0 ultimate tennis league i made the playoffs again, but lost in a close match 4-6 6-7 in the first round of the playoffs. i am making improvements, but as anyone around my skill level knows improvements are not linear. my next tournament is next weekend and i will be playing only open singles. then i am going to train all december and prepare for 2013 and hopefully i can put together some good wins.
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