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Originally Posted by Playtennis View Post
When playing I go big on my first serve. What tools or adjustments do you all make to ensure more spin on second serve? Toss back? Interested to hear what people do.
I would try to pronate the wrist more. Go through the exact same motion you use on your first serve, but snap your wrist to brush the ball with topspin. You may also want to toss the ball more right above you, instead of out in front on the first serve. This will make the the brushing motion a bit easier to accomplish.

I used a "dink" second serve as a 3.5 and ran the risk of getting punished on the return. 50/50 success rate I would say I had. I tooled with it a lot when I got bumped to 4.0, and now I feel very confident in it. When it comes to the serve (1st or 2nd), the more the spin, the better.
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