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I thought only the 1994 final was a bad match out of the Sampras vs. Ivanisevic Wimbledon matches. That final was a total dud and a big disappointment after the way Goran had beaten Boris in the semi finals. The others were entertaining grass-court spectacles, I thought. Goran was at the peak of his form in their 1992 semi final, firing around 36 aces and not even facing a break point in the entire match. Goran blew big chances to win their 1995 semi final and 1998 final as well. Sampras just had the cooler head under pressure.

Nadal is pretty good at adapting his game if he really wants to win something, at least when given time to change the necessary things in his game.
Nadal has said that Wimbledon was the tournament he always wanted to win more than any other. Many tennis players grow up feeling that way about Wimbledon, but maybe it's a surprise coming from someone who's practically identified with RG.

So if you picture him on the old grass in the '90s, he'd be highly motivated. Unlike many others he'd show up, and play to win.

But I was struck by how negative his comments were in that interview. Anyone have the transcript? I just remember thinking that he went well beyond stating that some Sampras/Goran matches were boring (which is a common opinion); it seemed he was going farther and showing little if any appreciation for SV tennis in general. Could be wrong, I don't have the transcript.
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