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Originally Posted by dimeaxe View Post
What a pity, really sad for him, just another proof how Fed's famous MONO thing was just cheap PR stunt.
There are different levels of Mono. Roddick had it a while back and I don't think he even missed any events, or if he did it was very brief.

Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
So was ****'s famous gluten-free diet,and his famous egg hypobaric chamber story as well.

Anyway,this sucks for Soderling. Hopefully he can recover enough to get back on the tour. He must be bummed to have to face that he may never play again.

See, you're bloody obsessed with Djokovic. You must wander around talking about him to everyone, you know the cashiers at the back, the person who serves you at a shop, the mailman.. I mean now you're coming back with stuff about him when people are talking about FEDERER. Why the hell do you care? Could understand if it was a Djokovic fan saying s**t about Nadal.
How to clarky - work out most or only realistic outcome, claim the opposite
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