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Hi my friends, and how are you guys doing? I just got 2 sets of singles with my 2 new Head Prestige MP 25th... 1 was strung full bed of Luxilon ALU Power Rough at 55 lbs and the other has full bed of Pro Hurricane Tour 16g at 55 lbs. I've noticed right away when i held and played with the 25th for approximately 3 or 5 minutes. The 25th seems lighter than the IG Prestige MP (IG P 98 for short), and its swing weight also seems lighter than the IG P 98. To make sure i had the right feelings about this, i switched back to my beloved IG P 98 after hitting with both of the 25th for around 30 minutes. I was right. The IG P98 did feel more stable, a little softer than the 25th. I haven't had time to weight these 2 25th yet but i am sure the IG P98 is slightly heavier in both weight and swing weight. I could switch back and forth the 25th and IG p98 easily without adjusting much, and the 25th is easier to manage than the IG P98. Uk_skippy said that the 25th is a TAD STIFFER than the IG P98, right? Sorry my friend but i don't think so. If the stiffness of the IG P98 is 62, i can strongly say that the stiffness of the 25th is just around 63. When i switched from the IG P98 to the 25th, i really felt the 25th is slightly stiffer (but not a tad and i think it was because the 25th felt slightly lighter in both weight and swing weight. But this stiffer of the 25th is somehow giving such great feels. I am sure i didn't notice much about the stiffness of both IG P98 and the 25th. I played well with the IG P98, and i also played well tonight with the 25th. I handled the 25th tonight a little easier than the IG P98. Has any new owner of the 25th had the same feelings as mind when switching from IG P98 to 25th? I mean the 25th feels lighter and slightly lesser swing weight? So am i happy about switching? yeah i think i am happy. I also had this strange feeling: when i held the 25th in my hand, the racquet looked beautiful. After playing 2 sets and while sitting down, drinking water, and looking at both the 25th and the IG P98, i thought the IG P98's paintjob is prettier than the 25th. Maybe at night, the red color under the lights looks so beautiful, and the 25th's black color is In short, the 25th plays almost similar to the IG P98. It just feels a little lighter when holding it and swinging it, and it still is a solid, great racquet with very low power + excellent control. thanks for reading....cause i am tired of typing.
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