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The three links are the same, by the way... haha.

I actually like that your video is neither edited nor selective of only your best "3-minute performance". It contains shanks and poor hits, which everyone makes once in a while -- it's more honest and representative of your performance. The only thing I'd like to see more from the video is where your shots are going. Of course, you probably shouldn't send this video to schools, but for the purpose of posting on TW it's fine.

From what I can tell from this (limited) video, your topspin forehands and backhands look pretty solid, and I like your serves (as relaxed as you were in the video). You look natural. One thing I'll comment on is your slice backhand, which I think you could drive through the ball a bit more to: 1. put heavier spin, and 2. keep the ball lower.

Best of luck with your tennis goals in college!
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